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  • Samba Dance and Fitness
  • Samba Dance and Fitness

About Samba

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New Craze starting 8th September 2014

Samba Dance and Fitness is located in Facit, Whitworth set amongst the foothills of the pennines between Bacup and Rochdale.

We provide classes from the age of 2½ upwards and for all abilities, whether you want to learn how to dance, get fit or just have fun and meet new friends. At Samba Dance and Fitness there is something for everyone. Most of our weekday schedule is early to late evening and are also open most of the day on Saturday, see our timetable for a full listing of times and activities.

There are opportunities to take part in freestyle competitions in the North West and we also have examinations twice a year although these are not compulsory.

Parents bringing their young ones are encouraged to stay and watch and can take advantage of our refreshment facilities.

If you require any further information or would like details regarding private or competition lessons please contact us either by phone or email.


Dates for your diary:

9th November 2014 Examinations for all levels
6th & 7th December 2014 Christmas Presentation Night and Afternoon.

Close after classes on Thursday 18th December 2014 and Open for Classes in the New year on Monday 5th January 2015